Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions we get in our emails. If you do not see an answer to your question, feel free to email us.

Q: Why does the site look weird? (e.g., the words and pictures are out of proportion, crooked, etc.)

A: This could be due to many things...The resolution size on your computer should be set at 800X600 pixels, you must have recent versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape (not the primitive ones), and you must have Java and frames enabled. You must also have the font "Broadway BT" installed on your pc in order for everything to be proportional.

Q: Wow! I love the midi on your main page! What is it from, and where can I find it?

A: Well, Rei was doing a power point presentation for a class in high school, and she wanted to put music to it. Well, she typed in ".mid" in the search box in the computer, and a whole bunch of unknown midis popped up. These midis came with the computer she has. So, finding the midi somewhere is virtually impossible. The title of the midi is called "Freedom."

Q: Where did you get the Chibi pictures in your previous layout?

A: We got them from a Japanese Sailor Moon Quiz Game. All images are copyrighted to the respective artist who drew the images for the game.

Q: Some of the information in your profiles is wrong. For instance, you say Rei and Makoto are best friends. From experience, Usagi and Rei are best friends. Can you please explain yourself with examples?

A: Ummm...okay...all of the Senshi are best friends. What we put doesn't necessarily reflect those views from the show. We wanted to put something different besides the ordinary profiles you see everywhere. All of the senshi are best friends *repeats*, but we just put one Senshi down instead of all five of them.

Q: What is the "special something" I get if I win one of your fanart contests?

A: Okay, okay...You get a Sailor Moon prize (physical) if you win first place in one of the fanart contests. You also get posted in the "Artist Hall of Fame."

Q: Will you help me with my layouts?

A: Sure, no problem! We would love to help with layouts. This site was created three years ago (using pagebuilder), so a small fraction of some of the stuff here is pagebuilder-related. However, we have learned html (visit our art site which was done completely in pure html) which is A LOT easier than using pagebuilder.

Q: Will you be my affiliate/sister/brother/sibling site?

A: Sure, just send us your website button and link, and be sure to link us using one of our buttons. You should email us first, though.