Video Games

These video games are for the SNES only. Before you download a game, be sure to get an emulator to play the games with. You can download the latest emulators at the ZSNES Homepage. Also, in order to play these games, you must own them. Otherwise, you will have to delete them within 24 hours after downloading. Enjoy!

                                                                1. Sailor Moon Side Scroller 
                                                                2. Sailor Moon R Side Scroller 
                                                                3. Sailor Moon R - Another Story RPG* 
                                                                4. Sailor Moon S Talisman Puzzle 
                                                                5. Sailor Moon S Puzzle 
                                                                6. Sailor Moon S Fighting 
                                                                7. Sailor Moon SuperS Puzzle 
                                                                8. Sailor Moon SuperS Fighting 
                                                                9. Sailor Moon Stars Puzzle

*Note* If you can't understand Japanese, you need to download a translation patch for the Sailor Moon - Another Story game. The other games don't require a patch since they can be played without knowing the Japanese language. You can download a patch here.