Gifts to Us
Welcome to the "Gifts to Us" section where you can view all of the wonderful pictures other anime fans have drawn for us. Some are from requests we had, while others stem from art trades and the like. If you would like to draw a picture especially for us, feel free to do so! ^^ We'll be happy to post it here! *Most, if not all, of these images are based on the characters from our anime/manga series, "Apu Lear Saga." Additionally, most of the artists who drew these pics can be contacted at the In and Out of Darkness Request Team.*
Shimito by Kashoku
Shimito by Atlanta
Shimito by Lorelei
Shimito by Dusk
Shimito by Kashoku
Background Rendering of Shimito by Nebby
~*~ We absolutely adore each and every one of these pictures! All of the artists are talented, aren't they? The two sprites (Shimito and Apu Lear) surrounding the header were done by Washuu. Excellent job ladies! ^_~ By the way, if you feel like drawing us a picture of one of the characters from "Apu Lear Saga" (there are four main characters) email us, and we'll send you the description of the character(s). There are four to choose from: Apu Lear, Shimito, Fu, and Shaba Ara. Thanks! ~*~