Grocery Store for Your Adopted Senshi

Welcome to the first-ever Sailor Moon grocery store in the world!  Here you will find healthy and nutritious food for your adopted Senshi.  In order to buy the food for your Senshi, you must adopt one here.  You will then receive a $100 credit card in your email (please note this is not real money - it's Senshi money) once your adoption is certified.  What can you do with the food?  If you have a site, you can place the food next to your Senshi to show how much you care for him or her.  There is a calculator below for adding up your groceries so you won't get embarrassed and go over the limit.  When you are finished shopping, please fill out the form below and your groceries will be sent via email.  What can you do if you run out of money?  Enter our contests, riddles, quizzes - anything you can enter on our site to receive some extra Senshi cash (you must specify that you need some money).  If you collect all the food, you will get something special for your Senshi.  Also, all proud parents will be registered under the "Proud Parents" section to show the people who have chosen to adopt.  Enjoy!

       Apple        Seedless Grapes   Tomato         Hamburger       Bananas        Large Apple    Small Grapes

$5.50              $5.00              $4.00              $15.00            $8.00               $6.50              $3.00

Watermelon           Fish          Mushroom       Large Cone        Cheese              Cake             Lollipop

  $20.00            $12.00           $2.00              $10.00            $13.00             $11.00             $3.50

Fried Egg           Citrus            Carrot          Cherries     Roasted Chicken  Large Squash     Pumpkin

 $7.50              $18.00           $8.50            $16.00             $30.00              $25.00            $40.00

       Corn           Green Tea         Raw Egg     Special Ami Egg  Strawberry           Lettuce      Small Cone

$14.00            $50.00            $19.00            $100.00            $7.00                $16.00         $8.00

~ Here is the Credit Card you will receive~



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