Haruka's Martial Arts Lessons

(1) Throwing A Punch: Most people who are unfamiliar with punching tend to punch in a slang position, with their back hunched over and their arm curled like a banana. The proper way to throw a punch is to thrust the arm out swiftly as straight as possible with enough force to stun your enemy or opponent. Straighter punches have more of an impact than crooked ones. Be sure to keep your back straight and sturdy. When you punch with one arm, position the other arm's fist at the base of your hips. Practice throwing punches and interchanging positions with both arms.

(2) Throwing a Kick: The best part about performing martial arts is the beauty of the kick. There are many types of kicks, such as a roundhouse kick, side kick, and a hook kick. Roundhouse kicks have more power than the other types of kicks. To perform a roundhouse kick, stand with your legs apart, one foot in front of the other. Next, spin yourself on one of your legs (your dominant leg) at a 360 degree angle rising your kicking foot above or at the level of your head. Return to your starting position stance. The roundhouse kick takes much practice to learn and to perfect. Most people, when learning, cannot kick high enough and falling is common. Make sure you also stretch your legs before performing this type of kick.

(3) Throwing: Here is a really unique throw. When you are face-to-face with a bully and are about to get hit, you can throw the bully and escape the attack. First, in a very swift motion, grab the opponent's shoulders and step on the right side of the bully. While you are grabbing the shoulders, push forward in an attempt to shove the opponent to the ground while you take your right leg and thrust your right heel on the back leg of the bully. This is a very effective move. The opponent cannot help but fall down.

(4) Blocking: Blocking is the best way to avoid attacks. You can block a punch or kick by dodging your body or thrusting your arm or leg in the direction of the punch or kick. You can also attempt to grab the oncoming fist or leg and counter-attack with a move of your own. Blocking requires swift reflexes, sturdiness of the body, and good judgment. In order to block efficiently, you must practice.

These are the basic moves of self-defense. You can combine these moves to create more complex and unique attacks like a flying kick, back flip, double-air kick, uppercut, and many others.  Remember, practice makes perfect! You must also stay in shape and eat healthy and nutritious foods. Visit Makoto's Tasty Cooking Recipes for some healthy dishes!