Sailor Moon Final Exam

Hi! Well, so you think you're prepared enough to take our quiz - or better yet, exam? Please read each question and answer carefully; they can be very tricky...For attempting the quiz, you get an award based on how many answers you get right. Getting a perfect score means that you get a very special bonus...Have fun!

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1. What brand of motorcycle gear does Sailor Uranus wear when she races and drives?

2. Which episode was it that showed Sailor Moon's right part of her bow not colored in?
The first episode
The second episode
The seventh episode

3. How many points higher was Makoto than Minako when they played the arcade during the SuperS season?
572 points
225 points
740 points

4. Whose image song is "Ginga ichi mibun chigai na kataomoi?"
Taiki Kou/ Sailor Star Maker
Yaten Kou/ Sailor Star Healer
Seiya Kou/ Sailor Star Fighter

5. What is the manga artist's name that created Sailor Moon?
Naoki Takeuchi
Naoko Takeuchi
Naoko Takiuchi

6. Who is Apsu?
A villain in SM - Another Story RPG
One of Galaxia's henchmen in her past kingdom
Sailor Star Healer's long lost cat

7. Who broke the chandelier in the Stars season and who was blamed for it?
Chibi Chibi - Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Uranus - Sailor Saturn
Sailor Star Healer - Eternal Sailor Moon

8. What is Haruka Tenou's license plate number?

9. Who is the tallest out of the Amazoness Quartet?
Jun Jun
Besu Besu
Cere Cere

10. Who was the first outer Sailor Senshi to be introduced? (Note: It is not Sailor Pluto.)
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Saturn