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Here is the awards page where we give out awards to other websites. In order to qualify, you must (1) have a decent, clean website, (2) fill out the application at the bottom of this page, (3) sign our guestbook, and (4) admit that gnomes exist ^.^! The reason why we ask you to sign the guestbook is to keep track of who applies for the awards. We often go through the guestbook and revisit the sites that applied for awards, and we sign their guestbooks, as well. We judge websites on originality, content, etc. Please note that all of the Sailor Uranus awards are extremely rare. In order to win one of these awards, a website must be the most astounding and interesting site! However, we know how hard it is to apply for an award and you won't leave empty handed. The awards without the Sailor Senshi Unite logo are the easiest to get. The actual awards are much larger. Have fun and good luck!

Please select your favorite award(s) and fill out the application below.

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